GASS - Aluminum 6 Spoke

Straight from Superbike and MotoGP, and now available in a no-compromise road version for your bike! The Gass leverages all of the technologies employed at the highest levels of racing, and is the lightest aluminum alloy wheel available for road use.

The key benefits of the Gass series are:

  • Lightest of all aluminum or magnesium wheels- Reducing unsprung weight at the wheels has the same impact as adding horsepower to your bike. Lightweight wheels require less torque to spin up from a standstill, but less weight also provides a host of other benefits. Reducing unsprung weight makes it easier for the suspension to control the bike's inertia, reduces the wheels gyroscopic effect to improve turn-in, increases brake efficiency, and dramatically improves steering feel. All of the above adds up to a faster bike under just about all conditions, and one that is easier to ride comfortably for longer periods of time.
  • More durable than carbon wheels-
  • Strong, stiff, forged construction-
  • "Everything in the box" solution-

Raw Materials

OZ Racing wheels are born from the same raw materials that are used in the aerospace industry, where low weight and corrosion resistance are of paramount importance. The aluminum alloy employed is one of the lightest metals (specific weight 2.7 g/cm3), remarkable for its low density and for its ability to resist corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation. Alloys used in the manufacture of OZ forged wheels: Az 80A, Az 91, EN AW 6082.


Once the ideal wheel material is chosen, it must be properly formed for ultimate strength and lightness. The mechanical and physical strength characteristics of a forged wheel are equally distributed throughout the wheel on a molecular level. The result is far greater strength than an equivalent cast wheel, vastly improving the performance of the wheel when faced with impacts and high loads.

A forged wheel is far lighter than an equivalent cast wheel. The weight reduction benefit of forged wheels serve to improve the overall performance of a vehicle by reducing the vehicle unstrung mass and improving the performance characteristics of the suspension, improving both road holding ability and dynamic cornering.

The lightweight characteristics of the forged wheel mean that it will demonstrate a lower angular momentum. In practical terms this lends an improved driving dynamic through lower power consumption during acceleration and better braking power.

When considered in application for use on motorcycles, the strength, lightness, ductility and resistance to fatigue all contribute to a reduction in the gyroscopic effect, improving braking performance.

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